Friday, September 23, 2011

Get Your Business Found Today!

Get your business found today! Don't struggle with old ways of doing things, or paying for new clients through the teeth; instead, get your business found online today!We can show you how to drive bus loads, train loads, even plane loads of business to your site. But, only if they know how to find you!

Fortunately, the moral of this story, is that we hope to show you how to get your business found...FAST!!!

Every business owner wants to get targeted traffic, qualified and interested clients and customers to their store or site. They can do this in many different ways; some for free, but mostly, through paid traffic sources. Realistically speaking, to get your business found today takes just a few simple strategies and techniques that once regularly practiced, can take you to the top, and keep you there, for as long as you want to maintain your domination!

The first and most important strategy to get your business found online is with a free web page, courtesy of Big Daddy Google! As of  April 2010, Google has been actively giving away to Business owners, 50,000,000 websites. Only 4% or so have so far been claimed! It's now become  like a GOLD RUSH for these spots. These sites have already been mostly filled out, indexed, and optimized for traffic by Google; to insure you get your business found through Google's search engine results.

Every legitimate business can claim this web page, and freely use it to promote their business, and to guarantee they get found online through Google search! Google Maps and Google Places have been devoted to local business search results.

My best advice to any business owner is to claim their Google Places page for themselves immediately. Only 10 spots are ever listed in on the first page of any Google local search result for any business. Only the first ten or less, show up on that first page of Google search results.

Guess what?

If you are not in the top ten...your customers will never find you! And, the higher you are up on that first page results, the more potential customers will find you, and buy from you. It's all about numbers!

So please, let us help your business get found online today. Google Places helps your business get found...FAST!

Even Bing, Google's competitor in the search results, is waking up to what's going on...See the truth for yourself, as Bing News brings it you just as we brought in the New Year!

Or, if you feel like a video, to see things in is one of my favorite ones...